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Santoshi Seva Samti is a non-government, not-for-profit organization, founded by a group of grass root level women activities has the core objective of organizing people for ensuring women empowerment and right and promote community development. Santoshi Seva Samiti Society established on 7th April 2012 is registered under the Societies Registration Act (SRA) 1960.

Women's Education

A girl or a woman in school is realizing her fundamental human right to an education. She also has a far greater shot at realizing her full potential.


To empowering Women, strengthening SHG in village area. Plann to build Safe motherhood.


Toilet construction in rural areas. Create awareness for the use of toilets, cleanliness and hygiene and use of bio fertilizers in farming.

Farming Ideas

create awareness about Kitchen Garden, Aajola Farming & Nadep Compost preparation to doing great natural farming.
Projects by region.
We are functioning at different places and empowering Women as well as peoples for there better life and nations growth.
Global Movement to Protect Education Under Attack
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our vision

A society with sustainable development and self-reliant people where woman enjoys equal opportunity in all the spheres live with dignity in an environment free of harassment and negligence, where everyone understands the value of woman empowerment, development of farmers, clean society, healthy environment, health and hygiene, tree plantation and safe motherhood.

Empower Women

The empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic and health status is a highly important end in itself.

Empower Farmer

For agriculture to transform, it’s essential that farmers are empowered with knowledge, skill and entrepreneurship.

Empowering Country

If India treated her women better and Indian women were a bigger part of its workforce, the world’s biggest democracy would be 35% richer.


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